Thursday, 30 August 2012

Off to a flying start

I'm not travelling on the TfL extended network today, but just wanted to point out that the first day of the Paralympics has begun with a part-suspended Jubilee line, with the rest of the "service" suffering severe delays.  This, I understand, had something to do with a fire alert.

The Jubilee line, remember, is one of those that leads directly to Stratford, where the main stadia are located.  It also crosses through central London and some of the busiest (and otherwise most touristy) stops.

TfL got huge kiss-ass applause from many for its performance during the Olympics, so I feel it only fair to point out this piss-poor start to the world's second-largest sporting event.  And since we're on the subject, while I can admit that the nemesis of all Londoners did cope well for the main event, so to speak, I'd like to know how this was possible.  With so many millions of additional journeys TfL, more or less, coped for a protracted period.  So how is it we can't have a better service generally when there isn't so much stress on the network?

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