Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hooray! Commuting will cost more. Again.

The whole rail commuting country is in a tizzy, and justifiably so: from next year, passengers on a huge number of routes could be paying at least 6.2% more for their rail fares.  That's twice the rate of inflation and could work out at more than £100 a week for some.

OK, so it's not strictly TfL's dastardliness, but even before yesterday's fares rises, rail fares here were significantly more expensive than in other countries – on average season tickets are 75% more expensive than the next most expensive in Europe which are in Germany, the Netherlands and France.  Ouch!  Still, at least we in the UK enjoy a 75% better service in all measurable ways, right?  Right?

Mark my words, TfL will be next with the money grabbing.

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