Thursday, 16 August 2012

In all the fun and games, don't forget...

... to claim your money back for delayed Tube journeys.  Any delay of 15 minutes or more than the advertised journey times entitles you to claim a refund from TfL.

So, while I'm sure I'm late to the party, I'd like to point you in the direction of the excellent Tube Tap - an iPhone application that makes it easy for you to reclaim some of your wasted money, if not your wasted time.  Everyone seems to have iPhones these days.  The app, I believe, costs £0.69 (I've seen £1.99 too, but Tube Tap's own site gives the lower figure), but a single successful claim will more than pay that back, making for great ROI (for any captains of industry reading this).  It's also free for the 'Olympic period' - not sure if that includes the Paralympics, but you should get it now anyway!

I don't think it's available for smart phones on other operating systems, but if anyone knows of a similar product for the inestimably superior Android OS, I'd be very grateful if you could shoot me a line.

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