Sunday, 12 August 2012

Changed my mind

I got an offer to head on out to Kiwi House to watch some of the track and field events last night. The venue may have been dire (and somehow I doubt was much better before the BBQ explosion a few days ago), but the atmosphere was terrific. We were even visited by Kiwi Olympic (gold) medallist Lisa Carrington.

Not even the seven minute delay on a supposedly 13 minute journey from Waterloo to King's Cross could take the shine off the evening. Then again, I don't get out much these days.

UPDATE: Just realised I forgot to tell you the reason for the delay. Well, there wasn't one. I just stood on the platform waiting for the tube to which I had to change (since Waterloo to KX isn't direct). I guess that counts as a delayed arrival of the incoming train? Whatever, it wasn't announced or excused.

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