Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Son of Signal Failure

Well, I'm back.  Son of Signal Failure was born on Friday, 19th April 2013 at 06:44.  Hence lack of updates in some considerable while.  Mother and child are doing well.

In view of this momentous occasion, and because I'm feeling a little lazy, I am waiving delay charges to TfL for my travel home on Thursday, 18th April.

This morning, the train from Hersham to Waterloo was delayed by a minute within TfL's sphere of influence.  This didn't matter, because the tube I would have been able to catch had the train been on time was delayed by two minutes (three by the time it got to Edgware Road), so I was able to catch it after all.  Still a three-minute delay, however, so that's £7.50.  Glad to see I didn't miss any big changes in my absence, then!

I've obviously missed a lot of news while I was out of service, and I'm afraid I don't really have the time to summarise it all now (I may backtrack in later posts), but I will offer this one tidbit: if you're still marting from the 10th consecutive fare rise from TfL, you can rest easy in the knowledge the organisation is sitting on a £900m budget surplus, none of which will be used to cut, or even freeze fare hikes.  Lovely.

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