Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Celebrating pretty much a week of only minimal delays

It has to be admitted that TfL have been doing rather well for the last week or so.  Even today, with Thatcher's funeral on, my commute was not that bad.

Let's start with last night: tube was a minute early arriving at Waterloo.  That didn't let me get an earlier train, but the train was only a minute late arriving at Hersham, and that delay accrued outside of Zones 1-6, so it doesn't count.

This morning, the train from Hersham to Waterloo again arrived a minute early.  This was spoiled slightly by a two minute late connecting tube (the one I would have been able to get anyway had the train been simply on time).  So TfL still ends up £5 down, but that's practically a win for the organisation!

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