Tuesday, 5 March 2013

TfL urged to stop people from travelling

Yesterday's tube from Edgware Road to Waterloo was on time.  The connecting train from Waterloo to Norbiton was one minute late.  £2.50.

This morning's train from Norbiton to Waterloo was seven minutes late.  The connecting tube from Waterloo to Edgware Road was one minute late.  This made me six minutes later over all than I should have been, could I have taken the connecting tube I was scheduled for by Journey Planner.

On to other things: there's an interesting article today about how TfL should do more to encourage working from home, and to make commuting more affordable for part-time workers.  I haven't read the full scope of this report, which is available for download, but the main recommendation appears to be a three-day-week travel card.  I'd love that personally, as it would fit right in with my working lifestyle (at the moment, a season ticket or paying one-off fees is much of a muchness to me, so the cost savings could be brilliant).

However, I do find the overall concept quite amusing.  Essentially, they're trying to recommend that TfL discourage passengers from spending so much, or at least to incentivise them to spend less on TfL, which amounts to much the same thing.

While I'm obviously all for bashing TfL, given that it's a business which makes money from selling travel tickets, I'm not sure how the Conservative group on the London Assembly thinks it can sell this gem of an idea...

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