Monday, 4 March 2013

I've figured out a new way to make money from TfL!

Happy Monday everyone!

My train from Hersham to Waterloo this morning suffered a one minute delay for no particular reason, and my connecting Bakerloo Line to Edgware Road was three minutes late.  A three minute delay to my final destination in total for £7.50.  Fairly uneventful, really.  At least by TfL's standards.

Elsewhere this fine and frosty Monday morning, Signal Failure has learned that TfL is sitting on £53m of unused fares: you lot have some 19 million Oyster cards lying around with credit on them.  You've already paid TfL, so you can still travel with that credit (as they thankfully don't expire if they're pay-as-you-go), or you can get the money refunded.

Also, I have a mortgage to pay, so you could always consider just sending any Oyster cards you find to me and I'll claim the refund and use it to pay off my mortgage.  £53m ought to just cover it.  Maybe even with a little left over for some improvement works.  Tidy.

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