Monday, 18 March 2013

Mind the gap

The gap (in posting) was this time caused by a nightmare morning on Thursday that involved hideous traffic and forgotten laptops.  I elected to work from home in the end, and did the same Friday (as I usually do), thus causing Signal Failure's (lack of) service to rival TfL's! 

Apologies.  Let's get you all caught up.  Wednesday evening's journey home consisted of a one-minute-delayed Bakerloo Line to Waterloo.  It did not cause me to miss my connecting train to Hersham, so I can only charge for the six-minute delay in that service, all accrued within TfL's zones.

This morning, I dropped my daughter off at childcare and took the train from Norbiton to Waterloo, something I am exceptionally grateful for, since I see on South West Trains' web site that there are delays of up to 45 minutes on my usual line from Hersham to Waterloo, owing to 'icy conditions'.  Presumably, this is the same ice that bedecked my car's windscreen - so solid I didn't even need to scrape it off, just passed the windscreen wipers over it once.  I'm amazed I survived this harrowing ordeal.

But I did not escape entirely unscathed: I lost five minutes on that initial train journey, causing me to take a later connecting tube to Edgware Road than planned, itself delayed by a further two minutes - both times apparently due to nothing more than moving exceptionally slowly.  In all, this made me five minutes late.

So, since last week, a total delay of 11 minutes for £27.50.

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