Thursday, 20 December 2012

Last post this year?

It seems likely this will be the last post from Signal Failure this year (as I'll be working from home tomorrow and out of the country thereafter for Christmas), though I'll be making every effort to go on strong once the New Year starts.

Last night, the tube was on time to take me to Waterloo, then I took the train to Hampton Court, where my wife had parked the car after dropping our daughter off at the childminder's.  The train was four minutes late arriving.

This morning, the train was a minute late arriving in Waterloo (because it simply sat outside the final station for ages, otherwise it would likely have been early), and the tube was delayed by four minutes.  That brings the grand total since the last update to nine minutes and £22.50.

And finally, I leave you with a little news digest:
  • TfL's commissioner has called for sustained investment in the network as passenger numbers rise faster than expected.  If you read the article, he takes rather more pride in what they've delivered so far than I personally think is warranted, and he doesn't say where all this money is going to come from - which makes me worry it's from price hikes - but at least he actually does seem to 'get' what we, the customers, want from his organisation.  Which is an improvement, as far as I can see.
  • Good news for wheelchair users: it looks as though TfL will actually be keeping those manual ramps they employed during the Olympics.  Though that's very much still to be confirmed, I'll risk saying I'm coloured surprised: the previous statement, that they'd 'consider' it, felt very much like a statement to get people off their backs while they quietly shelved the plan.
  • If you live in Sutton, it's the safest place on the network for public transport, though I'm not providing a link because the Sutton Guardian's James Pepper is an ignoramus and doesn't know when to use 'less' and when to use 'fewer'
  • The mid-Winter Arsenal vs. West Ham game has been called off thanks to the London Underground strike, which puts me in the unusual position of sincerely thanking those who decided to quit working and start shirking: less football on TV is always a good thing.
That's all I have the time and energy for.  Or, more grammatically (since I don't want accusations of pots calling kettles 'African Kitchenware' flying around), that's all for which I have the time and energy.  If I don't talk to you beforehand, have a great holiday season and New Year - thanks for reading!

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