Tuesday, 11 December 2012

About last night... and this morning

UPDATE: two minutes' delay on the Bakerloo Line to Waterloo from Edgware Road and then four minutes' delay on the connecting train to Hampton Court.  £10 (since the first delay doesn't count as I didn't miss the connection because of it.)

In reverse chronological order, just to confuse you.

Train into Waterloo delayed by three minutes.  A further two minutes on the connecting Bakerloo Line.  Seven minute delay against original arrival time in total.

Last night, a two-minute delay on the District Line to Wimbledon would have caused me to miss my connecting train, though that was happily delayed too.  Arrived home seven minutes late.

7 + 7 =14 minutes, which is equivalent to £35.  Ta muchly.

EXCITING NEWS: on Thursday, NFC payments go live on TfL buses.  If you see someone smugly tapping their mobile phone against a reader, rather than an Oyster card, it could be Signal Failure.  I pity all you technology have-nots.

Oh, and London's black cabs are to offer you free WiFi, as has been reported by nearly everyone and in a variety of languages.  Just do a news search: I can't be bothered to pick a link, nor to use the likely ad-riddled service which would in any case make me feel travel sick.

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