Monday, 10 December 2012

Boxed in

Well, this week is the big house move for Signal Failure: is it a coincidence, or have things gotten so bad that I'm moving house to try and get a better commute from TfL and friends?

The current home is getting more and more full of packed boxes, while the new home soon will be, thence to be unpacked.  And then there's all the cleaning and repairing and decorating of both places.  Upshot is, I'm taking Thursday and Friday off this week, so it'll be another short week as far as updates are concerned.  Perhaps it's best, since the silly season is starting for most all of us.

This morning, my train into Waterloo was 10 minutes late, and the connecting Bakerloo Line added another four.  Overall, that means I was 17 minutes late to work this morning for £42.50 (because of differing connection times).

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