Friday, 31 May 2013

An alarming story

Just can't be bothered to think of a better pun for that title, sorry.  But I do have an excuse:
  1. Lat night's journey home involved a passenger pulling the alarm on a tube train several stops in front of mine.  This caused a five-minute delay, which in turn caused me to miss my connecting train.  That would have been a slow train, and I caught the next fast on instead, so only six minutes late overall (the fast train was two minutes late as well), but still annoying.  £15.
  2. This morning, the front left tyre of my car burst impressively on returning from drooping my daughter off at daycare.  By the time I'd sorted everything out, I'd missed several hours of work.  Now, admittedly I work from home Fridays, but I had a lot to do, so this was not ideal
  3. Just to really rub my nose in it, my laptop crashed, so I lost the first hour's worth of work too!
I'm just about ready to write today off...

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