Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little to report

Nothing in particular in the TfL-related news caught my eye this morning, and last night's journey home was fairly uneventful, with just a two-minute delay on the train from Waterloo to Hersham - only one minute of which was accrued within Zones 1-6 (for £2.50).

This morning, the train into Waterloo was actually two minutes early, despite sitting just outside Surbiton for a while to let a different, delayed, train pass us.  That allowed me to catch an earlier tube, which was delayed by a minute, but still arrived two minutes earlier than the one I was supposed to catch would have done.  That looks like two minutes back to TfL, but for the fact that I had to use Paddington instead of Edgware Road, thus making for a journey two minutes longer than necessary in any case.  Nil points, as they say on the Continent.

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